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Our Process
Methodology and Recruitment Strategy

Phase 1:    Briefing and Understanding of the Position

The first step is essential to the process of an effective strategy for the recruitment and placement of extraordinary candidates. Two crucial activities take place during this phase.

        1. development of a clear position; and
        2. creation of a collaborative and knowledgeable search team.

Phase 2:    Identification and Attraction

This second phase is research driven, targeted exclusively to assembling a qualified group of candidates from across the sector that suit the requirements of your company. Edgewood Education Group will identify candidates through our five parallel activities.

        1. Network of Qualified Professionals:
            We will utilize our extensive network of qualified professionals
        2. Program of Direct Contact:
            We will initiate a communications program of direct contact to appropriate             professionals, within the sector, to encourage recommendations to fill the             position.
        3. Professional Research:
            Professional research is undertaken to determine and identify additional             contacts. This may require the use of specialized networks and professional             associations.
        4. Exclusive In-house Database:
            We search our exclusive Edgewood Education Group database for suitable             applicants known to our firm.
        5. Internal and Referred Candidates:
            We ask that your firm forward all internal and referred candidates to us             throughout the process.

Phase 3:    Candidate Screening and Interviewing

        1. Selection, Interviewing and Shortlist Candidate discussions

Upon completion of the identification and attraction phase, Edgewood Education Group will perform an informed assessment of the candidates' background to determine which individuals are appropriate for the next phase of the search process.

In these interviews, we examine the compensation needs, qualifications, education and experience of the candidates to further focus our checklist in order to determine who warrants an interview by our client.

        2. Presentation of Professionals

This is the part to the process where your firm will see the results of our search process. After a detailed review of the candidate's professional background we narrow the competition down to a select few.

Phase 4:    Reference Checking, Collaboration and Hiring

        1. Reference Checking

Edgewood Education Group prides itself on undertaking extensive reference checking and collaboration. Reference checks consist of an unusually comprehensive list of questions, which are customized to the requirements of the role.

        2. Collaboration

Collaboration includes a review of the resume to verify education, previous dates of employment, reasons for leaving organizations, etc. In addition, we have the resources to provide criminal and credit checks at your request.

        3. Hiring

When the reference checks and collaboration have been successfully completed, we will assist you in the hiring process. We are experienced in negotiating, on our clients' behalf, all aspects of the compensation package, starting dates and any contract details.

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